Maleic Rosin
  #138 Glycerol Ester of Rosin
  #422 Maleic Modified Resin
  #424 Maleic Modified Resin
  145# Pentalyn
  Edible glycerol ester of rosin
  BRG-100 Resin
  Distilled Rosin
  Gum Rosin
  Gum Turpentine
  Polymerized Rosin
  Tall Oil Rosin
Maleic Rosin
Application: Maleic Rosin is used as a raw material for sizing agent. When it is used as reinforcing sizing agent its dosage may be reduced, compared with Rosin sizing agent after saponification. Also, it is useful to dispersed sizing agent with emusifiers in order to reduce its dosage and alum, which can reduce the total cost of paper-making. Maleic Rosin can be used as a raw material of resin for paints, adhesives and inks .
Packing: 25 kg in paper-plastic composite bag or 225 kg net weight in galvanized icon drum.
Store & shippment: Store in cool place , avoid high temperature, taken away from fire and prohibit storing with oxidant agent.
Quality Index:
Item #119Maleic Rosin #115Maleic Rosin #107Maleic Rosin #103Maleic Rosin
Appearance   Transparent Solid   Transparent Solid
Color Color& Luster   Red-brown   Yellow-red
Not deeper that Lovibond Red       5.5
Yellow       60
Softening Point(Ball&Ring)≥℃ 105 106 95 84
Acid Number(mgKOH/g)≥ 200-230 220 195 178
Saponification Number≥(mgKOH/g) 303-325 280 210 190
The Content of Maleic Anhydride Mixture≥   47   10
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