Maleic Rosin
  #138 Glycerol Ester of Rosin
  #422 Maleic Modified Resin
  #424 Maleic Modified Resin
  145# Pentalyn
  Edible glycerol ester of rosin
  BRG-100 Resin
  Distilled Rosin
  Gum Rosin
  Gum Turpentine
  Polymerized Rosin
  Tall Oil Rosin
145# Pentalyn
This productionis Estered from extra grade Rosin and pentaerythritol.
Use: Paint and ink.
Packing:25+0.3kg in paper-plastic composite bag.
Store & Shippment: Keep in a cool place. Protect from high temperature. Be stowed away from fire.
Quality Index:
Appearance Grade ≤(Gardner Grade) Acid Number≤(mgKOH/g) Softening Point ℃≥ (Ball & Ring) Solubility(Benzol)
Piece Transparent Solid 8 25 85℃ Clear
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