Maleic Rosin
  #138 Glycerol Ester of Rosin
  #422 Maleic Modified Resin
  #424 Maleic Modified Resin
  145# Pentalyn
  Edible glycerol ester of rosin
  BRG-100 Resin
  Distilled Rosin
  Gum Rosin
  Gum Turpentine
  Polymerized Rosin
  Tall Oil Rosin
Edible glycerol ester of rosin
It is refined Esterification products of edible Glycerol and extra grade or 1st grade gum Rosin which has been refined.
Properties: The products, a kind of light yellow solids. has stable characteristics and is free of irritant, easily dissolves in solvents such as acetone, Ester, plant oil and major natural essential oil, undissolves in water and low molecular weight alcohols.
Uses: It's a kind of food additives, used as emulsifying stabilizer in drinks and is also an additive in chewing gum making.
Quality Index:
Solubility (Resin:Benzene=1:1) Clear
Colour Grade (Gardner) Max. 8
Acid value mgkoH/g 3.0-9.0
Softening Point (R&B ℃) 80-90
Specific Gravity 25℃/25℃ 1.080-1.090
Ash content % Max. 0.10
Arsenic content % Max. 0.0002
Heavy metal (As Pb)% Max.. 0.002
Packing: In polypropylene sacks of 25 kg net each. Other kinds of packing can also be taken if necessary. Keep in a cool, dry place.
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