Maleic Rosin
  #138 Glycerol Ester of Rosin
  #422 Maleic Modified Resin
  #424 Maleic Modified Resin
  145# Pentalyn
  Edible glycerol ester of rosin
  BRG-100 Resin
  Distilled Rosin
  Gum Rosin
  Gum Turpentine
  Polymerized Rosin
  Tall Oil Rosin
Tall Oil Rosin
Mainly used in paper making, coatings, soap making, adhesive and macromolecule etc..
Technical index :
Grade Extra grade First grade Second grade Third grade Fourth grade Fifth grade
Item/Color yellowish light yellow yellow deep yellow yellow brown yellow red
Conform to Color Requirements of STD Glass for Rosin
Content of toluene insolubles%≤ 0.03 0.05
Softening point(Ring-and-ball method)°C≥ 72 70
Acid number mgKOH/g≥ 162 160
Saponification value mgKOH/g≥ 168 166
Packing: In galvanized iron drumPacking, net weight 225 ± 0.5kg .
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